Application of Cloud Computing in Hazardous Mechanical Industries (PDF Download)

As technology has developed, the inherent risk factor in industries has also increased.Heavy industries are prone to accidents mainly due to the fatigue factor of the operators combined with the hazardous setting of the machinery being used. Giant turbine of power generators, nuclear fuelled power houses are some examples of hazardous industries. The risk factor involved in such industries has been amply demonstrated in the recent nuclear disaster that took place in Japan following the earthquake and the tsunami. Cloud computing , a buzz word in the IT sector can be tweaked and adapted to remote management of such hazardous industries to reduce the human errors and also the human intervention to a great extent. 

Human lives that may be lost during operation disaster can be vastly reduced by reducing the on-site manpower to the bare minimum. The below provided PDF File presents an approach to the use to cloud computing in hazardous mechanical industries.

Download PDF

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