Biomimicry Creates New Tyres

Biomimicry (from bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate):

Biomimicry is the science that imitates nature to create new products.Resilient Technologies, a Wisconsin based company, has created a tire that can't go flat.Instead of using a pressurized aircavity, the tire design relies on a geometric pattern of six-sided cells that are arranged in a matrixlike a honeycomb.

It has the same ride, reduced noise levels and heat generation as pressurized tires. The goal wasto create an airless tire with uniform flexibility and load transfer that would endure tremendous wear and tear and still perform well.The best design was found in nature, which was the honeycomb.

The military needs a tire capable of holding up to roadside bombs and being able to drive away without sustaining damage to solve the problem of a vehicle being nonoperational during action. The rims are extremely strong and durable due to their geometric pattern. In addition, the weight is evenly distributed leading to a smooth ride, making military vehicles even safer and more capable in battle.


Reduced noise levels

Reduced Heat Generation


Price - single tire could easily exceed $500

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