Training Guide For HVAC Compressor Trouble Shooting (Free PDF)

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A faulty system can damage or destroy even the most rugged compressor. In fact, it's fair to say that the system affects the compressor even more than the compressor affects the system. Conversely, a mechanical problem with the compressor almost always causes the system to malfunction. This training program describes the interaction between system and compressor; an interaction you need to understand in order to provide longer life and better operation for the compressors and systems you service.

The first part of this three-section program describes how to easily identify possible system or compressor problems simply by using your natural senses of sight, sound, touch and smell. You might think of it as a quick check on what the system is doing. The second section describes what "Normal" operating pressures and temperatures are for a system. Think of these operating characteristics or "conditions" as what the system should be doing. These will be used as a benchmark for comparison to the actual operating conditions of a system, which will help determine if there's a problem.

The final section shows how abnormal pressures and temperatures are used to pinpoint the most likely problems with a system or compressor. The three sections combined will show exactly how the compressor is interacting and performing with the system.

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