Residential Heating and Cooling Load Calculations Free Excel Sheet

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* Residential Heating and Cooling load Calculation
1. Windows
2. Walls
3. Doors
4. Roof/Cooling
5. Partition
6. Crawl Space
7. Slab
8. Infiltration
9. people
11. Sensible
12. Cool Total
13. Heat Subtotal
14. Sensible
15. Cool Total
16. Heat Total
17. Net Total
18. Cooling
19. Heating 
* Duct Location

* Table 5 - Shading Coefficients and U-Factors for Residential Windows

* Notes
1. Weather and Climatic information available Table Table 1A & 1B, Chp. 27, 2001 ASHRAE Fundamental Handbook.
2. SHR = Sensible Load/Total Load use: 0.65nfor Tropic, 0.70 Humid, 0.75 Avg., 0.80 Dry, 0.85 Arid
3. Values Curve fit from Tables 7 & 8, Chp. 28, 2001 ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook.
4. See Table 5, Chp. 28, 2001 ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook (reproduced ona another Worksheet).
5. Values Curve fit From Table 3, Chp. 28, 2001 ASHRAE Fundamental Handbook.
6. Values Curve fit from Table 1, Chp. 28, 2001 ASHRAE Fundamental Hadbook.
7. See Table 16, Chp. 28, 2001 ASHRAE Fundamental Handbook.

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