Machine Design Analysis Excel Calculator (Very Important Excel Sheet)

Machine Design Excel Sheet includes:
  1. A description of the needed machine in a written specification.
  2. Feasibility studies comparing alternate designs and focused research.
  3. Preliminary; sketches scale CAD drawings ,materials selection,appearance and styling.
  4. Functional analysis, strength,stiffness,vibration,shock,fatigue,temperature,wear,lubrication,customer endurance and maintenance cost estimate.
  5. Productivity; machine tools ,joining methods, material supply handling, manual vs automated manufacturing.
  6. Cost to design and manufacture one or more models in small and large quantities.
  7. Market place: present competition and life expectancy of the product.
  8. Customer service system and facilities.
  9. Outsource part or all; engineering,manufacturing,sales,warehousing,customer service.   

Learning Objective :-
  • At the conclusion of this course the student will:Have a spread sheet useful for machine design calculations;
  • Adjust machine dimensions to meet design specifications;
  • Document design calculations in a spread sheet format;
  • Calculate stress and deflections of machine elements;
  • Analyze power transmission shafting;
  • Design rigid couplings;
  • Determine hub and shaft key dimensions;
  • Calculate power screw actuator lifting capacity;
  • Find brake torque capacity;
  • Verify V-belt power transmitting values;
  • Optimize spur gear dimensions;
  • Calculate the strength and limits of worm gears;
  • Document engineering calculations in a spread sheet format;
  • Create spread sheets for more engineering calculations; and
  • Be able to employ Excel’s Goal Seek tool to optimize designs.

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