Each one of the engineering undergraduates aims to obtain a first-class job immediately once he/she graduates, everything goes fighting fit till the graduation but there comes a stage where he/she need to turn out to be the foremost in the midst of others. According to the Indian Council for technical education, about 60% of the engineers are unemployed, over 1% of engineering students partake in the internship and less than 15% in extra curriculum activities.

Over 73% and 57% of engineering graduates are terrible at communication and analytical next to quantitative skills correspondingly. The grounds for this dilemma are not only due to appalling standards of the institutions offering the technical knowledge but also the students enrolling in the courses of engineering domain. 

In spite of being apprised that the communication skill plays a major role in getting hired by the companies, he/she focus on academic grades, however, fails to customize their communication and technical skills. It is found that the tier3 cities have the most awful employability rate for the reasons which are listed below.

The key factors for the problems faced by the fresh graduates are :-

  1. Insufficient understanding of basic concepts of engineering. 
  2. Less or no client handling ability because of outrageous communication skills. 
  3. Unsatisfactory knowledge across interdisciplinary areas of engineering. 
  4. Inappropriate infrastructure supporting the explicit knowledge. 
  5. No up gradation of the syllabus frequently and may not be able to harmonize with the work standards. 

What do the companies expect from the engineers?
  1. Good communication skills. 
  2. Intellectual enough to figure out things. 
  3. Leadership qualities. 
  4. Able to cope up with the latest technology and believe in continuous learning. 
  5. Clear and in-depth technical basic knowledge. 
Is there any solution for this? 
Yes the AICTE and other technical educational institutes taking up the best steps in standardizing the technical education nevertheless the students should augment their skills by knowing and implement the subsequent points.
  1. Plan in advance for the placements at college via learning the aptitude and soft skills. 
  2. Build up the strong basics by means of attending the lecture and Lab regularly. Take notes and accomplish the assignments. 
  3. Never overlook the labs since engineering is a practical domain. 
  4. Participate in the regional, state and nationwide competition. 
  5. Choose a major field of your interest and obtain an internship during each semester holidays. Stay associated in the field by enrolling the extra courses offline and online. Example: Catia and programming. Online courses: NPTL and edx. 
  6. Join the robotics club at your Institute. 
  7. Have a good relationship with professors and absorb their knowledge in so far as possible. 
  8. Be connected with the seniors and search out a mentor. 
  9. Engage in the seminars, technical discussions and talks, conferences, and paper presentation. 
  10. Work on mini projects. 
  11. Communication in English not only makes you cool but also helps in fetching a job. 
  12. Visit the library on a regular basis and read the books, magazines, journals and research papers. 
  13. Start preparing for the gate even if you’re not planning for masters as it is a doorway for PSUs and obtaining the technical knowledge. 
  14.  Last but not the least create the resume as best as possible and go on updating it. 

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