How DTSi Engine Works ?

The Dtsi stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition. Today's trend is to of new generation bikes and cars is to use new technology and high speed.Even the motor manufacturing companies also want to launch such vehicles that attract the peoples.This can be achieved by technology known as DTS-i (digital twin spark ignition) system which combines strong performance and fuel efficiency.

Bajaj Auto Ltd first invented Twin Spark technology  in India .The Alfa Romeo Twin-Spark engines, the BMW F650 Funduro which was sold in India from 1995 to 1997 also had a twin-spark plug technology, and the Rotax motorcycle engines,more recently Honda's iDSI Vehicle engines use a similar arrangement of two spark-plugs. However very few small capacity engines did eventually implement such a scheme in their production prototypes.

Before discussing about  DTSi technology, first let's talk about why this technology is developed :-

As we know that the in 4 stroke engine the main and effective stroke of an engine is power stroke or expansion stroke which is started via spark plug and it is effective among the other three strokes available.So by improving the power stroke may change the entire scenario of an engine performance. Because if the burning of the air fuel mixer would happen well then more power will be produced in the combustion chamber. 
The cylinder head is equipped with two spark plugs, instead of the usual one. By generating two sparks at either ends of the combustion chamber, (approximately 90° to the valve axis) the air-fuel mixture gets ignited in a way that creates two flame fronts and, therefore, a reduction in flame travel of the order of 40 per cent is achieved. A fast rate of combustion is achieved leading to faster rise in pressure. The obvious outcome of this is more torque, better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

And another main advantage of DTSi Engines is Detonation can be reduced. As we know that the  petrol engine major problem is DETONATION. Generally detonation occurs when the flame travel time from center to the side walls increases the self ignition temp. time. But by using  2 spark source on the opposite sides which reduces the flame travel as stated above. So DTSI engine cannot frequently undergo detonation because complete combustion of air-fuel will not create any disturbance between piston and wall.

Working Principle of DTSi Engine :-

The working of DTS-i engine is very similar to 4-stroke engine but here the only modification done is we are using two spark plug at two ends of the combustion chamber.As compared with the single spark fired engines, in twin spark engines the combustion of the air-fuel mixture takes place at optimal level and it produces more power. It works on the principle of twin spark produced by the two spark plugs.  Because of the use of twin spark plug, the spark produced is more which burns the fuel more efficiently and rapidly. It results in increase of mileage, power and less emission of exhaust gases. The Dtsi engine produces 26% more power as compared with conventional single spark engines of same capacity.They are Digitally controlled by Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which consist a microprocessor chip with pre-programmed data of Ignition Timings for various engine rpm and engine loads. It controls the firing of spark plugs as per the requirement.
There are some advance technology used in DTS-i engine which makes it more powerful than the conventional single spark plug 4-stroke engine like 
  • 1.CDI technology 
  • 2.Tricks iii technology.


  • Less vibrations and noise.
  • Better fuel efficiency.
  • Complete combustion, No un-burnt issue.
  • Long life of the engine parts such as piston rings and valve stem.
  • Decrease in the specific fuel consumption.
  • Less emission of exhaust gases.
  • No over heating.Engine breathing performance is easy even at high rpm.
  • Gradual increase in the pressure hence power is uniformly distributed throughout the crank angle and hence smooth ride.


  • There is high NOx emission
  • Complex in design.
  • Expensive
  • Replacement of both spark plug even one is damage (Reason is series in connection , But parallel connection could not be achieved high voltage).

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