Reason's Why Long Windshield's Used In Bike ?

A windshield is typically installed to provide a fair bit of aerodynamic leverage for a rider riding at high speeds . It is primarily present to deflect the wind hitting your chest area, this is because the chest region forms one of the biggest wind barriers whist riding a motorcycle.

There are multiple reasons behind this,lets discuss all of them on detail:-

1.Track racers will use it to tuck/crouch forward so as to only expose the top of the helmet to the wind blast. Being most aerodynamic is essential for that edge in performance.

2.While tourers use bigger versions of the windshield to aid in deflecting debris, bugs and wind being blasted on their helmets.

3.Windshield diverts hot and dry air in summer season and will also divert cold and wet turbulent air in winter season.At the same time it protects you from rain, its very difficult to ride in high intensity rain.It act as a shield to high intensity rain hitting your face and chest.

4.After installing windshield,less air is pushing your face and body resulting in less faitigue,back pain,arm strain and more comfortable and fun ride. Less turbulence from wind results in more miles you can ride without fatigue.

5.While riding at night,usually it happens that flying ants attracted towards motorcycle’s beam light and sometimes hit our helmet instead.You can ignore this with windshield installed on your bike.Some strong fiber windshield even protect you from minor head on collision with road side animals or other vehicles.

6.Also windshields not just block the air flow coming onto you but they divert it in other directions causing a streamline effect. This gives the bike a bit more aerodynamic effect provided the windshield is properly fit, shaped and angled; else it could end up into all ways of bad. It is not that serious though.

So remember that having a windshield is always beneficial if you are into touring and high speed riding. But if you are riding in the city, you would not really feel a difference and this is the reason why windshield are provided in motorbikes of either high speed or that is supposed to cover longer distance.

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