Facts of Engineering Student Life.............

  1. A student who aspires to a subject expert or prepare for exams like GATE , IES or CSIR NET has to work hard to achieve this making his/her routine difficult to manage . 
  2. A student who doesn't make up his mind about what to do after engineering during his college days has to face the most irritating question of all “What next”. 
  3. A student who has over half a dozen backlogs till 4th year , has to clear all those in one single year . 
  4. A student who gets the idea that CGPA is temporary , life in engineering is permanent gets to know that its just vice versa once you step out. 
  5. A student who is fond of making memories is torn between managing academics and making memories . 
  6. A student who enters the college with so much confidence , gets his confidence shaken with so much competition before him. 
  7. A student who thinks of getting into his/her desired core companies , finds himself in either TCS, Infosys , Wipro or “ Unemployed” by the end of engineering. 
  8. A student who is preparing for public sector bank exams after graduation has to put up with the question “ Why bank after Engineering?” 
  9. A student who is preparing for his/her MBA exams has to put up with the question “ Why MBA after Engineering?” 
  10. A student who is aspiring to do research or become faculty by going for Mtech and PhD has to put up with question “ Why all this after engineering when you can do MBA or write Bank jobs ?” 

The loop continues
Finally He/she has to put up with the Joke that engineering has become nowadays.

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