This handbook provides practical and updated material on air conditioning and refrigeration systems.Whether you're an HVAC or mechanical engineer, technician, or student, providing an effective controlled environment through air conditioning and refrigeration technology is now within reach. This guide provides you with all the answers on AC and refrigeration systems - from designing and selection to operation and maintenance.

And also this book provides: design information; HVAC data, standards, and guidelines; a system-wide approach; use of computers and controllers in AC and refrigeration systems; and, chapters ranging from management and control systems to system selection, commissioning, and maintenance. So don't waste valuable time searching through numerous resources. Here you get it all - the latest in technological advances in air conditioning and refrigeration - in one unique volume.This title includes contents such as: Psychometrics; Indoor Design Conditions; Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS); Basics; Load Calculations; Air Conditioning; Cycles Air Flow; Air System Components Fans, Filters, Coils, and Humidifier; Air System Equipment Air-Handling Unit and Packaged Units; Air Duct Design; Space Air Diffusion; Sound Control; Basics Operating Modes Outdoor Ventilation; Air and Smoke Control; Air Volume (VAV) Systems; Water and Heating Systems; Refrigerant Cycles Refrigeration; System Components; Reciprocating, Scroll, Rotary, and Screw Refrigeration Systems; Heat Pump Systems; Cogeneration Centrifugal Refrigeration Systems; Air Conditioning Systems; Energy Use Index; Cost Estimation; Classification; Characteristics System; Selection; and Commissioning Maintenance.

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  1. And do not fail to remember to switch the air filter inside the A/C unit frequently. A lot of times a simple swap of the filter can mean a big difference in the way your air conditioner works. heat pump rowlett