What is POWER ?

Power is the rate doing work, which equals energy per time. Energy is thus required to produce power. We need energy to run power plants to generate electricity. We need power to run our appliances,and heat our homes. Without energy we would not have electricity.The units of power are watts, joules per second, and horsepower,

where ; 

1 Watt              = 1 joule per second
1 Kilowatt       = 1,000 Watts
1 Megawatt     = 1,000 kilowatts
                        = 1 horsepower.

Electricity is the most convenient and versatile form of energy. Demand for it, therefore, has been
growing at a rate faster than other forms of energy. Power industry too has recorded a phenomenal rate of growth both in terms of its volume and technological sophistication over the last few decades. Electricity plays a crucial role in both industrial and agricultural sectors and, therefore, consumption of electricity in the country is an indicator of productivity and growth. In view of this, power development has been given high-priority in development program.

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