What is a POWER PLANT? Classification of POWER PLANT..

A power plant is an industrial facility used to generate electric power with the help of one or more generators which converts different energy sources into electric power.The power plant itself must be useful economically and environmental friendly to the society. And a power plant , also referred to as a power station or powerhouse .

The Electricity was generated in the Power Plants from different type of fuels and energy like  coal, natural gas, nuclear, solar, or wind energy. These The energy sources used to make electricity can be renewable or non-renewable, but electricity itself is neither renewable or non-renewable.Modern Power Plant required the vast area of land and huge quantity of water. So the traditional power plants are always located in sub-urban regions away from cities.The word modern means pertaining to time.

While the stress is on energy efficient system regards conventional power systems viz., to increase the system conversion efficiency the supreme goal is to develop, design, and manufacturer the non-conventional power generating systems in coming decades.The subject as a whole can be also stated as modern power plants for power viz electricity generation in 21st century. 

Generally the Power plant are classified into two types :-

1 . Convectional Power Plants 
2 . Non-Convectional Power Plants.

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