Materials Used In The Construction of Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning

Refrigerators and Air Conditioners consist of several basic components. Frequently, plastic and other nontraditional materials are used to reduce weight and cost.Materials used in the construction of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems are standard engineering materials, 

But there are a few special points of interest:

1.Self-contained units that house the refrigeration system are made of aluminum or steel sheet metal that is protected from environmental conditions by a paint or powder coating.

2.The insulation that fills the gap between the inner and outer cabinets consists of fiberglass or poly-foam.

3.Compressor bodies are generally of gray cast iron, although some are fabricated from mild steel. Hermetic types have steel shells.

4.Compressor pistons are of cast iron or aluminium, the latter following automobile practice.

5.Piping for the smaller halo-carbon installations is usually of copper, because of that metal's ductility—its ability to bend without breaking and also it is cleanliness and the ease of fabrication and jointing.

6.Some stainless steel pipe is used, mainly because of its cleanliness, although it is more difficult to join.

7.Most other piping is mild steel. For working temperatures below –45°C, only low-carbon steels of high notch strength are used.
Aluminium tube is used to a limited extent, with the common halo-carbons and also with ammonia.

8.Copper and its alloys are not used with ammonia.
Sheet steel for duct work, general air-conditioning components, and outdoor equipment is galvanized.

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