Advantages of Disc Brake's over Drum Brake's

Break's are the very important part of an automobile. So, the Breaks are must to be stronger and enough to stop the vehicle within a minimum distance in an emergency.Now a days the roads becoming smoother and wider has allowed for quicker travel.However the break's system should be consistent with safety.

Drum Break :

Drums are made from cast iron and are named for their “drum-like” shape. A drum brake is one type of Breaking System which consists of hydraulic wheel cylinders, brake shoes and a brake drum.In the motor vehicle, the wheel is attached to a drum.when the friction caused by a set of shoes or pads that press against a rotating drum-shaped part called a brake drum.Totally drum encloses the entire brake mechanism to avoid dust and moisture.

Disc Break :

A Disc Brake Working somewhat like bicycle brakes, it has a disc shaped metal which will spin along with wheel . Disc brakes work by using calipers to clamp brake pads against either side of the spinning disc. when the pressure is applied to the break pedal a caliper will squeeze the brake pads against the disc which in rotor motion. This will slow the wheel down as more pressure is applied to the brake pedal, bringing the vehicle to a halt.

Advantages of Disc Brake's over Drum break's :-

  1. The Disc brake stopping power is very much better than the drum brake.
  2. While we compared to Drum Brake's the Disc Brake's occupies less space also less weight. 
  3. The disc brake dissipates the heat more effectively.
  4. Disc brake systems can be inspected without removing your wheels.
  5. Disc brakes are good because when they warm up, the disc gets larger and is therefore closer to the pads, meaning you don't have to push as hard on the pedal to get good braking.
  6. Disc Brake's contain the better Anti-Fade characteristics while we compared with the Drum Brake's.
  7. These are very simple in design.
  8. And also very easier to replace friction pads compared to replacing friction lining in the drum brakes.
  9. Flat friction pads compared to curved friction lining in drum brake's which means uniform wear and wider range of friction materials to choose from.
  10. The drum brake has the potential of collecting water inside during rain or driving over puddles. That can result in the drum brakes not performing as well in wet conditions.
  11. Drum brakes are purely mechanical, but disc brakes, though mechanical also support ABS fitting.

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