What is SCREW JACK ?

Screw Jack is also well know as  Jack  screws . It is a mechanical device used in applications where linear motion is required.It is a type of jack that is operated by turning a lead-screw.Screw jack it is commonly used to lift moderately heavy weights, such as vehicles. More commonly it is used as an adjustable support for heavy loads, such as the foundations of houses, or large vehicles. And also Jack screws can be used as linear motors, linear actuators, or mechanical lifts depending on type of motion.

These can support a heavy load, but not lift it.Screw jack systems are used in automatized production plants worldwide. Screw jacks are essential components in automated machinery. Safety and legislative concerns drive the automation of handling and lifting of heavy loads, particularly in regions which have developed workplace and health and safety legislation.screw jack systems are not only for the simple stock lifting from a few kilograms to 100 tonnes, but also responsible for movements in all directions. Excavators work with hydraulics, light weights can be moved fast pneumatically - screw jack technology comes into play, where loads need to be controlled and positioned precisely.

Designers and engineers find ideas and solutions for lifting loads from 0.25 kN to 1000 kN with our modular system.There are numerous applications of screwjack, for example, theatre and stage construction, plants for the production of sheet steel and steel pipes, wood working machines, plastics processing machines, textile machines, assembly equipment in the automobile and aircraft industries, food and beverage production equipment as well as packaging machines.

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