The price of petrol is higher than diesel in many countries. Then why don't make a bike which can be run by diesel. If there is a diesel bike than we can save more some money.These what everyone thinks. But basically Diesel bikes were manufactured at the time of world war because bikes with petrol engines would require fuel specifically transported to the war field separately. The army wanted to have motorcycles that run on similar fuel with other trucks and tanks. Motorcycles with diesel engine solved that problem but its efficiency was not good, so most of the companies that manufactured those motorcycles discontinued their production after war but some companies continued to manufacture their diesel variants for their diesel engine loving customers.

There is only one type of bike with a diesel engine in India and that is the Royal Enfield Taurus.There are many reason why diesel engines are not used in bikes, but after all of these reason, Royal Enfield have succeed to manufacture diesel engine bikes Royal Enfield Taurus.

Although diesel may be cheaper in many parts of the world . Because of following reasons its clear that why most motorcycles manufacturers use petrol engines instead of diesel.

Let's talk about the reasons why diesel engines are not used in bikes.

Compression Ratio :-

The main reason is compression ratio because Diesel engine has a compression ratio 24:1, which is higher than petrol engine compression ratio of 11:1. Because of these the Diesel engine must be bigger and of heavy metal in order to handle this high compression ratio.This makes the vehicle heavy. It is generally not desired in case of two wheelers. So, they use the next best available option i.e., PETROL ENGINE. Which not only makes the vehicle lighter but also makes it very fast response for the change in load (or acceleration or up or down movement). That’s why the diesel engine is heavier than petrol engine and not suitable for small vehicle like motorcycle.

Noise and Vibrations :-

As we know due to high compression ratio, and very bulky the rotation of crank is also high as balancing of heavier engine is not so simple.
So, the Diesel engine tends to produces more harmonic vibration and noise as compared to the petrol engine. It is not possible for a light vehicle to handle this high vibration and noise.These also one of the reason why diesel is not used in motorbikes.

High Price :-

Because of the high compression ratio and bulky engine, initial price of the diesel engine is more than the petrol engine.Due to these high price difference compels most manufacturers to prefer for petrol engines.

Produce More Heat :-

Diesel engines produce more heat when compared to Petrol engines. Due to high energy per gallon of diesel as compare with the petrol. When diesel burns, it produces a large amount of heat which can destroy walls of the cylinder and other parts of the engine like Piston and values etc . 
So to reduce this heat, we need a greater surface area and proper cooling system.But in Petrol engines, produce less energy per gallon of fuel burned.This means that they are much cooler and less likely to cause any damage to the engine. 

Fuel injectors :-

In diesel engines, injector technology is used to inject fuel into the combustion chamber, which is more expensive than spark plug technology of petrol engine. 

Wear and Tear :-

Since diesel engine works on high pressure, so wear and tear is high in diesel engines. To reduce this wear and tear oil change are frequently required oil changes required by diesel engines means that consumers would have to invest more time and money in maintaining their motorbikes. However, since this is not the case with petrol engines .

Low Speed :-

When we compared to Petrol engine the Diesel engine are produces more torque but low rpm. So in bikes where we need high speed, it is not suitable.

Pollution :-

Diesel engine produces approximately 13% more carbon-di-oxide per gallon as compared to the petrol engine. So it makes greater pollution than petrol engine and it is not good to use for environment. 

Size :-

Diesel engine is very big as compared with the petrol engine and it uses high power starting motor to crank the engine, which is not suitable for motorcycles.


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