Main Materials Used To Make AUTOMOTIVE'S With Application's .

Have you Ever thought that , what your Vehicle is made of ? There are many Materials has been used to make your Vehicle.These are the few main Materials which are most required to make any Vehicle. 

Steel :-

High strength steel (HSS ) - Yield strength of 210 to 550 MPa.
Ultra HSS - Having Yield strength higher than the above.

These are Traditionally used to make major parts of automobiles .Like to construct a car's chassis and body, including the roof, body and door panels, and the beams between doors.And also used to Construct mufflers and exhaust pipes as well. 

Aluminium :-

Aluminium plays a important role to manufacture a vehicle because of its malleability and lightweight nature, is being increasingly used in car manufacturing.Mainly used for Castings for Engine Blocks , Cylinder Heads ,Manifolds, Wheels and as Aluminium foil for Radiators . 

Magnesium :-

Magnesium is Lightest if all commonly used metals in Vehicle's . These is mainly used to make Interior application's like Steering Wheels,Air bag housing ,Steering lock housing,ashtray doors,etc.

Titanium :-

Titanium is only used in Premium Cars for making Suspension Springs ,Valve Springs,Values,Connecting Rods and Exhaust Systems.

Plastics :-

Plastic is most important material in automobile's and countless parts are manufactured from plastic are door handles, air vents, the dashboard and airbags, side paneling and/or bumpers and many. Plastic is said to reduce an auto’s weight and aid in fuel economy.The versatility, durability and lightweight character of plastics make them an ideal material for various parts.

Ceramics :-

These are used for Critical Automotive Components on account of their Unique Heat, wear and Corrosion resistance, light weight and Electrical & Heat Insulation. The thermal and electrical properties of ceramic materials allow them to be used in a variety of sensors, mechanical seals, ceramic bearings, and valves.

Natural Materials :- 

Most commonly used natural materials are :-

Fibers from 'Abaca' banana tree used to make Fiber composites for under-floor panels.
South African 'Sisal' used for making parcel Shelves.
Coconut fibers used to make seats and Headrests.

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