Few Interview Questions On Mechanical Properties Of Materials

1. What is Strength ?

The capacity of a material to withstand the mechanical loads applied on it without bowing, breaking, or deformation is known as strength.

2. What is Ultimate Strength?

The maximum stress material can take is known as ultimate strength. Ultimate strength is equal to maximum load divided by original area of cross section.

3. What is Elasticity ?

The capacity of a material to oppose a bending impact or push and come back to its unique size and shape when the load is evacuated is known as elasticity.

4. What is Permanent set ?

The deformation or strain remaining in a body after removal of stress is known as permanent set. This is due to elastic property of material.

5. What is Plasticity ?

The capacity in changing the material shape and size permanently without breaking is known as plasticity.

6 . What is Proportionality limit ?

The greatest stress that a material can take without deviation from straight line between stress and strain is known as proportionality limit.

7. What is meant by Ductility ?

The capacity of a material to change shape (misshape) ordinarily by extending along its length is known as ductility.

8. What is Elastic Strain ?

Elastic strain is a dimensional change that occur in a material due to the application of loads and disappears completely on the removal of the loads.

9. What is  Tensile strength ?

The capacity of a material to extend without breaking is known as tensile strength.

10 . What is Ductility and malleability ?

The plastic response of material to tensile force is known as ductility and plastic response to compression force is known as malleability. The elongation and reduction of area of test piece tested to failure in tension are generally taken as measures of ductility of material.

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