How Bimetal strip acts as thermometer ?

A thermostat is a device that operates by changes in room temperature. Air conditioner thermostat works by depending on random air current.

It uses to turn the heater or AC unit ON and OFF. Hvac thermostat is a temperature controls. It controls the temperature of specific building.The hvac thermostat we’ll being discussion here is a room thermostat. This air conditioning thermostat controls space temperature for comfort purposes.
The space temperature thermostat is mounted 5 feet above floor level and it’s on the wall. The location where to mount the air conditioner thermostat is significant. It can’t expose direction to sunlight or heat or cold object.If it does expose to sunlight, the house either is to cold or hot.

How Bimetal strip acts as thermometer ?

In some thermostats a bimetal strip is used to make and break a set of contacts. In another design, the bimetalstrip is coiled into a loose helix, with outer coil rigidly fixed to the case. The inner coil is free to move in accordance with temperature changes, and to this free end is secured a glass capsule containing an ample charge of mercury. Two electric wires are seated in one end of the capsule, their base ends projecting into the capsule. When the capsule is tilted in one direction, the mercury flows to the lowest end.

If this happens to the plain end ; the circuit is broken. The electrical circuit is completed only when the capsule is tilted in the other direction, so that mercury flows to the end containing the two wire ends. The mercury bridges the space between the two wires and acts as a metallic conductor.

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