Classification Between Window AC And Split AC

There are many various differences between Split AC and Window AC . According to the Space of Houses or Offices the householder should choose the Type of AC which Suitable to their Space. And also the householder should understand the differences between them and the advantages and disadvantages arising from those differences. The major difference between Split AC and Window AC lies in their structure and modification. 

The main difference in both of these AC is in WINDOW AC all the components installed one Unit which is having one face inside the room and the other faces outside the room in a window or a gap. The inside part contains the filters, evaporators, fans and control panel whereas the outside portion contains the compressor & condenser.

Where as in case of Split AC the condenser and the compressor are placed in the outdoor unit.The evaporator is located in the indoor unit which cools the room.

Difference between Split AC and Window AC are described in following Table:

Window AC
Split AC
Window AC are low cost when compared to Split AC. Splits AC are High cost when compared with Window AC.
A simple Window AC is a combined structure of all its components within one unit. A Split AC has two main components, a condenser away from its evaporator which lies inside the furnace.
Noise is high because all the components are in Single Casing. Less Noise occurs because there will be 2 units one Indoor and one out door. And the out door unit is away from room.
Less Fresh Air gets when we compared to Split AC.
It get more Fresh Air because of out door unit.
Efficiency of Window AC is less when Compared to Split AC. Efficiency is High in Split AC.
Less Power consumption in Window AC. More Power consumption in Split AC because have to run 2 units.
Maintenance is Less when compared to Split AC. Maintenance is More for Split AC.
Installation time takes less for Window AC. Installation time takes more for Split AC.
Less Refrigerants are Required for Window AC. More Refrigerants are Required for Window AC.
Less Area is required to Install Window AC. It occupies more Area because it contains 2 units.
COP(coefficient of performance ) is Less. COP(coefficient of performance ) is More.
Capacity Range of Window AC is 0.75 ton to 2 ton. Capacity Range of Window AC is 0.8 to 2 ton
It can be able to cool Single rooms in apartments, small offices, (of less than 300 sq. ft. in size) etc. It is. able to used for cooling large rooms, commercial and office spaces

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