Top 10 Examples About Greatest Strength VS Greatest Weekness

From Experts:

What is Your Greatest Strength and Your Greatest Weakness For Interviews?

Example 1 :- 

Strengths:-  I am very patient, frank and good team worker & initiator. Also, I have excellent leadership qualities and my friendly nature makes me popular everywhere. 

Weaknesses:- I am very emotional and i don’t like to interact with others until and unless it is necessary.

Example 2 :- 

Strengths:- My flexibility is my biggest strength which makes me handle any kind of situation. Currently, I am working in manufacturing company company, as a Quality engineer. For this job profile, flexibility is very important, because i have to handle with Operators and production people and I have to follow the rules of the company, if I want to work. Due to my flexible nature; I don’t face many issues at work place.

Weaknesses:- I am very soft by nature that’s why I easily believe on others words. I always try to help others without understanding whether that will be good or bad for me.

Example 3 :-
Strengths:- “Well, I’m smart, I’m funny, I’m a great team leader, I work well with others, I’m prompt, I’m focused, I pay attention to details, I’m grounded, I really appreciate hard work, I’m never late, I can work weekends, I’m super excited to be here, I’m motivated, I’m…”

Weaknesses:- “I’m a total workaholic. If I’m on a project I’m gonna make sure to stick with it to the bitter, bloody end.”

Example 4 :-
Strength :- My major strengths that give me unique identities are; time management skills,my punctuality, good grasping power.

Weakness:- I don't have any weakness but I do have the things which are under progress.

Example 5 :-
Strengths:- Honesty, creativity and hardworking caliber,Hardworking in nature,positive thinking gives me enough Strength.

Weaknesses:- I can't say no to the people who need my help. I will try to find a way though am not in a situation to help.

Example 6 :- 

- I am able to handle any situation.
- Hard worker.
- Positive thinking.
- Once I learned something new then I am fully confident on that.

- I easily trust on peoples.
- Communication skills.
- Sensitive.

Example 7 :-
Strength are I am hard working, quick learner and good grasping power.

And weaknesses is that I get stressed when I miss the deadline.

Example 8 :-
My Strength is i accept my weaknesses and keep correcting it.And also positive thinking,good communication makes me stronger.

My weekness is I can easily believe to any person.

Example 9 :-
- think positive anytime.
- always manage time.
- update in life because everyday something new in technology.
- If problems arise then tries to solve it.

I don't like simple work.
I don't like to work without risk.
Positive point - A great team plyaer .
2- vertue of leadership .
3- much tolirence power in every condition.
4' - i know how to keep patients in every situation.
5- positive thinker.
6- oberstion type of person which helps me to understand people .

Example 10 :-

My strength is i can Move forward with new and great ideas, towards my goal. And learn from others, and always be strive for my better tomorrow.

Weakness is I can't say no when someone asks for any help. And also I'm very bad at lying.

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