Parts Of Lathe Machine

The principle parts of the Lathe Machine:

1. Bed
2. Head stock
3. Tail stock
4. Carriage
5. Feed mechanism
6. Gear Box
7. Legs

1. Bed:

The bed is a heavy, rugged casting which supports all major components.It contains the headstock and tail stock which supporting the workpiece and provides a base for the movement of carriage assembly which carries the tool.

2. Head Stock:

The headstock is fixed permanently clamped on the left end of the bed and consists of either a casting, a welded steel body, or an extrusion that holds a spindle set in serves as housing for the driving pulleys, back gears, headstock spindle, live centre and the feed reverse gear.

3. Tail stock:

The Tail Stock supports the other end of the workpieces . It can slide along the bed to accommodate different lengths of workpiece between the centers.And its assembly is composed of the main casting, a spindle (or ram), a spindle-locking lever, a hand wheel, and a mechanism to secure the unit to the lathe bed. Whereas the headstock is stationary, the tailstock can slide along the bed to accommodate work of varying lengths and can be locked at the desired distance from the headstock.

4. Carriage:

The carriage is located between the headstock and tailstock it moves the tool post, cross slide toward or away from the chuck and serves the purpose of supporting, guiding and feeding the tool against the job during operation.

5.Feed mechanism:

The feed is the distance advanced by the tool into or along the workpiece for each revolution of the work. Feed always governed by spindle speed as both should be synchronised for a smooth and steady machining process of a component. The speed and feed will be coarse for a conventional machine since the spindle is driven with an induction motor and speed is regulated with different ratio gear meshing.

6. Gear Box:

The lathe gearbox is similar to that of an automobile transmission except that it is easily accessible and can be physically modified by manually rearranging the gears. The quick-change gear-box is placed below the headstock and contains a number of different sized gears.

7. Legs:

The legs carry the entire load of machine and are firmly secured to floor by foundation bolts.

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