Brief Explanation About Lathe Accessories

The various lathe accessories used for holding and supporting the works are as follows:

1. Centers.
2. Chunks.
3. Mandrels.
4. Lathe dog or Carrier.

1. Centers:

There are two types of lathe centers i.e. live center and dead center. The headstock spindle center is called the LIVE CENTER because it revolves with the work. The tailstock center is called the DEAD CENTER because it does not turn.These centers have standard Morse taper shank at one end and a 60 Deg Point at the other end.

2. Chunks:

A chunk is used for holding and rotating the workpiece in lathe.It is mounted on the nose of the spindle. The work is held by jaws which can be moved in radial slots toward the center of the chuck to clamp down on the sides of the work. These jaws are moved in and out by screws turned by a special chuck wrench. The various types of chunks are three jaw universal chunk, four jaw universal chunk, Combination chunk, magnetic chunk, collect chunk and air or hydraulic chunk.

3. Mandrels:

A lathe mandrel is a cylindrical bar with center hole at each end. It is used to hold hollow workpieces to machine their external surface. Plain mandrels are used where large number of identical work pieces having standard size holes are required to be mounted.

4. Lathe dog or Carrier.

The work placed on a mandrel or held between center is rotated positively by clamping the dog or carrier to the end of the work.The common lathe dog is used for round work or work having a regular section (square, hexagon, and octagon).The clamp dog may be used for rectangular or irregularly shaped work. Such work is clamped between the jaws.

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