How CamShaft Works?

Camshafts is one of the important part of I.C Engine.Basically Camshaft is used in IC engine to control the opening and closing of valves at proper timing. For proper engine output inlet valve should open at the end of exhaust stroke and closed at the end of intake stroke.

Actually camshaft contains lobes (called cams) which push against the valves to open them as the camshaft rotates.A springs on the valves return them to their closed position to regulate its timing, It is drive by the timing belt which drives by crankshaft. It is placed at the top or at the bottom of cylinder.The shape of the lobes is very important, as it can affect the engine performance at different speeds.When the piston is on its combustion stroke, the exhaust valve opens and the piston hits the bottom of the stroke. And then piston pushing up forces the gases out, and the valve closes as the piston reaches the top.

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