A Robot Arm that turns anyone into a SUPERHERO: Bionic arm lets users lift an extra 40lb effortlessly.
The Brainchild of Four Mechanical Engineering Students invent Titan Arm:

In previous times, if one wanted to be able to lift more and more weights then he would have to spend months working out at the gym.A group of engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania have invented a bionic device.The students revealed that heavy materials like warehouse workers, removalists and couriers can beblifted easily by the new device.The arm is mainly made of aluminum and steel components and works by a DC battery power supply.The bionic device is also known as Titan Arm. It is the invention of four engineering students who are in their final undergraduate year. They have made an upper-body exoskeleton that can be employed in physical therapy and physical labor.

In the Cornell Cup for Innovation, the inventors had won an amount of $10,000.The group of students has also been chosen for Dyson award for the year 2013.The Titan Arm ties directly to right arm of a user and assist them in lifting weighty objects that the user would not be able to carry under normal circumstances.The device would also provide physical rehabilitation to people who have suffered injuries in their upper body parts and those suffering with pre existing muscular-skeletal disorders.


The Titan Arm focuses on a single mechanised joint - the elbow - giving the user a 40-pound (18kg) boost in strength.
The team decided to use a cable drive system which works in a similar way to the brakes on a bike.
The arm draws power from a battery pack that could be worn on the back, allowing for the mobility they'd set out to achieve.
A handheld joystick controls motorised cables that raise and lower the arm; sensors measure the wearer's range of motion to help keep track of their progress.

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